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Shipment tracking for an amazing customer experience

You reassure your customers with proactive notifications during delivery, you reduce your customer support workload and you monitor the performance of your carriers.


The complete solution for your post-purchase experience

Our real-time shipment tracking technology allows you to anticipate your delivery issues and reduce your customer support workload. Delivering a customized and proactive post-purchase experience allows you to boost your customer satisfaction.


You track all your shipments on a single interface and you automatically detect your delivery incidents.


Your customers are notified at each stage of the delivery and track their order on your branded tracking page, with an estimated delivery date.

Business Intelligence

You analyze the logistics performance of your carriers and you easily export your data to your systems.


Track all your shipments in real time


Automatically detect your delivery problems


Inform your customers of the progress of their delivery


Make your customers independent in tracking their order


Monitor the performance of your carriers


A technology that easily integrates with your systems


Integration with over 500 carriers


Native integrations with many apps and technologies


An advanced platform designed to improve customer relations

Optimized customer support

Your automatic alerts allow you to quickly identify your delivery anomalies and deal with these problems before your customers even contact you!

Lower contact rate

The detection of delivery anomalies and proactive communication help you reduce by 80% delivery-related questions to your support (calls, emails, chat, etc.).

Advanced monitoring of operations

Monitoring your shipments allows you to analyze the performance and problems of your carriers: you thus identify areas with low quality of service.

Boosted customer satisfaction

Thanks to your notifications and your tracking page, you offer your customers a reassuring and branded delivery experience: you thus improve their purchasing experience!

Increased repeat purchase rate

With a 72% open rate, your shipping notifications allow you to promote your brand and your products, when your customers are most attentive!

Strengthened customer loyalty

Thanks to your delivery notifications, you stay in touch with your customers during delivery and you give them visibility on their order, from purchase to delivery!


Brands deliver the best post-purchase experience

Découvrez comment les équipes d'iDealwine offrent à leurs clients une expérience post-achat rassurante et proactive, et réduisent la charge de leur support client.

"Thanks to Boxia, we now have control over the delivery experience of our customers and we can easily identify any incidents. We have also noticed a significant decrease in the amount of inbound calls to our customer support. To sum up, Boxia makes our life easier!"

Harold Perez
Valege Lingerie
"We reassure customers during the delivery process and reduce calls to our customer support! Once we set up Boxia the effect was immediate: today, Boxia saves us between 4 and 6 hours per week. Our customers' reviews confirm that they appreciate the new delivery experience."

Clemence Yon
Le Colonel
"We are extremely satisfied: Boxia allows us to tap into a new marketing channel and boost our repeat purchase rate. The best part is the improvement of our customer satisfaction, the feedback is great! Thanks to our reports, we know the marketing content our customers like."

Patricia Moy
"Thanks to our shipping notifications and our interactive tracking page, our customers no longer contact us about the tracking of their order: our customer support's workload has dramatically decreased! The number of orders returned to our warehouse also declined rapidly."

Victor Aumaitre
Sarah Lavoine
"Boxia allows us to proactively deal with delivery incidents. Before, our clients were the ones to report delivery issues! Now, not only do we save time, but we can also control the delivery experience of our customers. Thanks to Boxia, we easily know when there's a delivery issue."

Theo de la Charie
La Compagnie des Sens
"The integration of Boxia went smoothly. Thanks to Boxia, we gained speed in processing questions to support. Our customers appreciate that their order tracking is easier and more interactive. By being transparent with our customers , they are reassured and they contact us less."

Thibault Le Guein
Guy Demarle

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Thanks to Boxia, brands gain visibility over their deliveries, improve customer loyalty and deliver the best post-purchase experience.

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