Notifications and tracking page

Customized communication with your customers

Your customers know where their order is throughout the delivery and are informed if there’s a problem!


Proactive branded notifications and delivery tracking page provides your customers with reassurance throughout the delivery experience: increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer support workload.

Reduce contact rate

Notify your customers and reduce calls and emails related to order tracking

Improve customer loyalty

Keep in touch with your customers with fully customizable notifications and tracking page.

Re-engage customers

Insert marketing content to your tracking pages and notifications to re-engage customers.

Emails & SMS

Send emails or text messages with your brand logo and colors to inform customers with delivery status and updates.

Multilingual notifications

Communicate with your customers around the world with Boxia’s multilingual tool: each customer receives a unique post-purchase experience.

"We are delighted with Boxia: the platform allows us to tap into a new marketing channel and boost our repeat purchase rate. Above all, the feedback from our customers is superb: they love the attention we give them! Thanks to our reports, we easily analyze the marketing content that our customers like."

Patricia Moy - Director of Ecommerce at Caudalie

Tracking page with estimated delivery date

Redirect your customers to your tracking page with your brand logo, color scheme and customized content to display the estimated delivery date.

Marketing content

Insert marketing content to your notifications and tracking page (news, sales, promotions, new products, ...).

Customer feedback

Collect feedback from your customers as soon as their order is delivered and identify any source of dissatisfaction.

Ready to deliver an amazing post-purchase experience?