Notifications and tracking page

Customized communication with your customers

Your customers are informed at every step of their delivery, even if there is a problem!


With your delivery notifications and your customized tracking page, you provide your customers with a reassuring delivery experience: you increase your customer satisfaction and reduce your contact rate by 41%!

Reduce contacts

You notify your customers during delivery and decrease contacts to your customer service.

Improve customer loyalty

You keep in touch with your customers thanks to your personalized notifications and tracking page.

Re-engage customers

You highlight your brand and your products when your customers are most attentive!

Emails & SMS

You inform your customers of their packages' delivery status, by email or text message: you offer a delivery experience at your image.

Multilingual notifications

You communicate with your customers around the world according to their language: every customer has a unique post-purchase experience!

"We are delighted with our use of Boxia: the platform allows us to tap into a new marketing channel and boost our repeat purchase rate. Above all, the feedback from our customers is superb: they love the attention we give them! Thanks to our reports, we easily analyze the marketing content that our customers like."

Patricia Moy - Director of Ecommerce at Caudalie

Tracking page with estimated delivery date

You redirect your customers to your unique tracking page, with your colors: you give visibility to your customers by displaying the estimated delivery date.

Insertion of marketing content

You insert your marketing content into your notifications and your tracking page (news, sales, promotions, new products, ...).

Customer feedback

Your satisfaction survey allows you to collect your customers' feedback as soon as their order is delivered and to identify dissatisfied customers.

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