Performance analysis

Detailed reports

You analyze your post-purchase performance and make relevant decisions!


Thanks to your advanced dashboards, you monitor your post-purchase performance: thus you make decisions to improve your customers’ shopping experience (carriers proposed, delivery promises, marketing content, etc.) and monitor you carriers.

Manage operations

Assess your carriers' quality of service thanks to your advanced reports.

Make decisions

Identify if carriers do not meeting their commitments in certain areas.

Improve customer relationship

Refine the delivery promise to your customers, based on your actual delivery times.

Logistics performance

You analyze your orders' distribution as well as your delivery times by carrier and by country.

Delivery incidents

You analyze your delivery delays and delivery problems on all of your carriers and countries.

Notifications opening

You track your delivery notifications' open rate to identify when your customers are most attentive.

Clicked links

In your notifications and your tracking page, you identify the marketing content that interests your customers the most!

Automatic reports

You receive personalized reports that detail your logistics performance, and analyses of your post-purchase experience.

Information export

You export the analyses resulting from your reports and you receive your tracking data in real time thanks to webhooks.

Thanks to your dashboards, you analyze your logistics performance (delivery lead times, types of incidents, delays,…) and the performance of your post-purchase communication (open rate, most clicked links,…)

You can export your reports in the format of your choice (CSV, Excel, PNG,…), use the downloaded data and insert them into your presentations.

"Boxia allows us to reassure our customers and reduce calls to our customer service: today, Boxia saves us between 4 and 6 hours per week. Our reports allow us to easily monitor the performance of our carriers and the respect of their commitments, especially in terms of lead times."

Clémence Yon - COO at Le Colonel

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