The parcel tracking for your customer experience

With Boxia, you centralize the tracking of your shipments, anticipate your delivery problems and provide a customized post-purchase experience.

Track all your shipments in one single place

Finding information about your shipments is repetitive and time-consuming : you must log onto each carrier’s website. With Boxia, you can track all your shipped orders in real time on one platform and save time every day!

  • Centralized tracking of your shipments
  • Advanced multi-criteria search
  • Integration with many carriers

Anticipate your delivery issues

Incidents may occur throughout the delivery, and usually your customers are the ones who report these issues to you. With Boxia, you automatically detect your delivery anomalies and deal with these problems even before your customers know it!

  • Real-time alerts in case of a delivery issue
  • Prioritization of delivery anomalies
  • Detection of delivery delays

Notify your customers in real time

During delivery, customers may contact you with questions like “Where is my order?”. With Boxia, you send your customers proactive and customized delivery notifications that allow you to reduce by 41% calls and emails to your customer service. By including marketing content in your notifications, you re-engage your customers throughout delivery!

  • Multilingual notifications (emails and SMS)
  • Insertion of marketing content (72% avg. open rate)
  • Customized package tracking page

Analyze your post-purchase performance

Once your orders have been shipped, you generally lack visibility over your deliveries’ performance and quality. With Boxia, you control everything that happens after your packages have been shipped: you monitor your delivery times by carrier, you analyze your delivery incidents and you identify the marketing content to which your customers are most attentive!

  • Logistics monitoring (carrier performance, delivery times, ...)
  • Anomalies dashboard (incidents, delays, ...)
  • Marketing analysis (open rate, clicks, ...)

E-merchants trust us

Thanks to Boxia, many brands deliver the best post-purchase experience to their customers!

"Boxia allows us to reassure our customers and reduce calls to our customer service! Today, Boxia saves us between 4 and 6 hours a week."
Clémence Yon
COO at Colonel Moutarde
"We are delighted with our use of Boxia: the platform allows us to tap into a new marketing channel and boost our repeat purchase."
Patricia Moy
Ecommerce Director at Caudalie
"With Boxia, we are proactive in the way we deal with delivery incidents. Before, we discovered the problems because our customers reported them to us!"
Theophane de la Charie
CEO at Compagnie des Sens

A technology for your customer relationship

You strengthen your customer loyalty

Thanks to your delivery notifications, you keep the link with your customers during delivery and you give them visibility on their order, from purchase to delivery!

You re-engage your customers

With a 72% open rate, your delivery notifications allow you to promote your brand and products, when your customers are the most attentive!

You reduce your contact rate

Proactive communication to your customers throughout delivery helps you reduce by 41% the solicitations to your customer service (calls, emails, chat, ...).

You monitor your carriers

By centrally tracking all your shipments, you analyze the performances and problems of your carriers: you identify risks and areas for improvement.

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