Magento – Boxia Integration

Magento + Boxia

Thanks to our integration with Magento, you automatically connect your online store to Boxia in 1 minute.

"The integration with Boxia went smoothly. Thanks to Boxia, we are faster in processing questions to support. Our customers appreciate that their order tracking is easier and more interactive. By being transparent with our customers, they are reassured and they contact us less."

Thibault Le Guein - Head of eCommerce at Guy Demarle

Easily integrate your Magento orders

Thanks to our integration, orders from your Magento store are automatically imported into Boxia.

Track your shipments on a single interface

You track all your orders shipped in real time on a single interface, and you save time on a daily basis.

Proactively manage your delivery incidents

Thanks to your automatic alerts, you are notified as soon as one of your orders encounters an incident: you deal with them before being contacted by your customers.

Notify your customers in real-time about their delivery

Thanks to your shipping notifications and your customized tracking page, you provide your customers with a reassuring and branded post-purchase experience.

Ready to deliver an amazing post-purchase experience?