Klaviyo – Boxia Integration

Klaviyo + Boxia

Our integration with Klaviyo allows you to create personalized email flows to your customers, at each stage of their delivery.

"Boxia allows us to reassure our customers and reduce calls to our customer support: today, Boxia saves us between 4 and 6 hours per week. Thanks to our post-purchase communication, we now offer a personalized experience for each customer, throughout the whole delivery process."

Clemence Yon - CEO at Colonel

Customize your notifications at each delivery stage

Thanks to Klaviyo flows, at each stage of delivery, you create a personalized email template to send to your customers.

Communicate in the language of your customers

Thanks to Boxia’s multilingual management, you can create personalized flows in your customers’ languages.

Create up to 50 custom flows scenarios

You create flows according to an advanced level of customization: you can thus have up to 50 different flows scenarios.

Ready to deliver an amazing post-purchase experience?