Gorgias – Boxia Integration

Gorgias + Boxia

Thanks to a more efficient management of tickets, our integration with Gorgias allows you to improve productivity and quality in your customer relations.

"Thanks to Boxia, we now have control over the delivery experience of our customers and can easily identify any incidents. We’ve also noticed a significant decrease in the amount of inbound calls to our customer support. Boxia makes our life easier!"

Harold Perez - Head of Digital and Ecommerce at Valege

Track your deliveries directly in Gorgias

Your order tracking information is directly accessible next to your Gorgias tickets.

Be faster when replying to your customers

You respond more quickly to your customers when they ask you questions about their delivery.

Resolve issues before being contacted by your customers

Thanks to your automatic alerts, you are notified in Gorgias as soon as one of your orders encounters an incident.

Ready to deliver an amazing post-purchase experience?